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Client: Grant Thornton

Agency: Merkle
Production Co: Backyard

Market: Broadcast

I couldn't have been anymore excited to write, direct, and edit this teaser for Grant Thornton's inaugural tournament. For background: I know the game of golf because my grandmother was a teaching pro, and then she raised my uncle, my aunt, and my father to all be teaching pros. As such, the women's game is extremely important to me. I'm always looking for chances to work with LPGA Tour players.

I wrote this idea to subvert golf fans' expectations. Seeing Rickie Fowler during commercial break on a PGA TOUR broadcast is a standard affair, so one would assume he's talking to one of his fellow male players. That's when we reveal Jessica Korda. And by underplaying their interactions together, we are making a statement that these players view each other as equals. It only makes sense when considering Grant Thornton's tournament is a co-sanctioned tournament for the men and women to compete together for one purse. In short: I love how this turned out.

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